Orbi RBK50 Wifi Mesh System

After a recent move to a larger home I realized my old wifi router just wasn’t cutting it. I know that is not typically recommended, but I always kept my network hardware and servers in the basement to hide it away. With our multi-level home we just were not getting the coverage from my old ASUS router.

After doing some significant research I decided to give mesh technology a try. I thought about ASUS’ new AI mesh, but my router was just outside the availability. Netgear’s Orbi seemed like a good fit for my needs. I like the advanced settings and VPN technology. I also like the ability to run Ethernet to the satellite devices.

Another reason I chose to move forward with mesh technology was the scalability. You can extend range as needed by adding another satellite. Orbi makes an outdoor extender which is next on the list.

I don’t have any comparison information, but I will say that the Mesh has proven very reliable and fast. We have over 25 devices either directly connected or on WiFi without issue.

If your looking for some advanced features and need to update your WiFi router I think Netgear’s Orbi Wifi is just what you may need.

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