Google Home Hub

I recently purchased a Google Home Hub to add to the regular and mini Homes we had around the house. Depending on your needs, the Hub is not a huge upgrade to the Home speaker, but I quickly realized I could use another.

The speaker is not as good as the Google Home. It’s more inline with the the mini. Since we have some more powerful cast enabled speakers around the house it was able to blend in to our whole home audio system nicely.

I didn’t purchase this to watch videos, but the screen is actually pretty nice. Streaming isn’t ideal on the 7″ screen, but it would be fine to keep kids busy for a bit.

The microphone seems to perform a little better when compared to our Google Home. It picks up the keyword a little quicker and at greater distance. At times with the speaker we would have to yell “Hey! Google!” to get its attention if there was other background noise. I have not noticed it with the Hub.

One of the features I loved instantly was the integration with our Nest Hello doorbell. We have several tablets mounted around the house with a dashboard for quick access to our smart home. The Nest API is lacking some key access to the doorbell to integrate into OpenHAB and the tablets, which is another subject. When the doorbell rings, the hub instantly pops up a window with a view of the door and actions we can take. This exactly what we were looking for.

Overall, it’s nice to have the screen if you have the need for it, but in general if we did not have the doorbell we would need the screen. If you were looking to purchase your first smart speaker and were concerned about the actual audio I would suggest the Hub. If you are more interested in having better sound the Home speaker, in my opinion, would be a better choice.

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