The Ecobee 3

A connected thermostat is an obvious addition to any smart home. The Ecobee is the strongest competitor to the much lauded Nest. I recently installed the Ecobee 3 in my home, replacing an old digital thermostat. I chose the Ecobee, because of the additional sensors you can add to your setup.


The installation was not too difficult. The Ecobee comes with a “C-Wire” adapter to power the unit. Other than dealing with some quirky wiring at my furnace, I was up and running within and hour.

Setup & Programming.

The Ecobee powered up and went through a quick start up routine and was ready to go. Programming was pretty intuitive. I was able to set my Home and Away temperatures and schedule quickly.


The Ecobee is able to sense occupancy both at the thermostat and the additional sensor. You can setup the system to adjust the temp in occupied rooms. It will also take it upon itself to not run air or heat if it does not detect any occupants during a scheduled “Home” period and will turn on the system if you come home early.


The Ecobee has apps for both iOS and Andriod. It also comes has a Homekit compatible version. My home runs openHAB which has bindings for the Ecobee. Since I have a Google Home, I decided to use a Wink work around to connect to the Google Home rather than use openHAB or IFTTT.

Updated 11/16/17: Google and Ecobee announce the ability to link to Google home. 


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