Why I Love My Google Home

The central focus of most smart homes is control. Much like when I have discussions with my friends about their iPhone or my Android phone, I’m not going to say that the Google Home is the best voice assistant out there. Everyone has different needs and situations. In my case, its a perfect fit because I’m deeply integrated into Google’s services. Here are a few of the reasons why this I love it…


Lets start with smart home. The Google Assistant has whole list of partners that are working on or have “Actions” to control devices in your house. (Until recently, I was controlling my¬†openHAB¬†installation via a Hue Emulator which has since been deemed irrelevant by meethue.com. For those interested there is a formal Action for openHAB coming soon!)


I recently cut the cord, and am using my Home in conjunction with an antenna, Chromecast and Netflix. All in all I’m not a big TV watcher, but its great for the kids. Hey Google play (insert kids cartoon here) is heard often in my house. The downfall is there aren’t a ton of apps that can stream directly from the home yet, but YouTube has a tone of content. I’ll keep you posted if I try YouTubeTv.


I have our GH connected to Play Music. Simply put, any song you want is there, and starting a dance party in your house is at the tip of your tongue.


Having it in our living room is great. Along with watching videos, things like checking the weather outside are help when getting ready.  Here are some other things I like to use if for..

  • Finding my phone when the kids grab and hide it under the couch
  • Setting reminders for the next day I’m sure to forget
  • Placing a hands free delivery or carry out order for food while changing the baby’s diaper

I haven’t used it yet, but Google recently announce partnerships with Walmart and Target to provide voice shopping to match the Echo functionality.


It is somewhat overlooked how fun the games on the Google Home. We’ve spent some hours playing some of them on a rainy day.


Quickly, let us discuss the looming privacy concerns of having an always listening device in your home. From my view, if you care to listen to my kids playing, crying, screaming, ect… Have fun. I’m not doing any criminal so I’m not that concerned.

In summary, there is quite a bit we use the GH in my house for. It’s important to have some Chromecast’s around to use the video capabilities. Going forward, I’m excited to see what other functionality is added by Google and it’s partners as this new medium develops.

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